About Us

Chirp is the world’s leading destination for short-form audio content. We want anyone to record and listen to short podcasts, or what we like to call, ‘Chirps.’ Our mission is to empower people to share their voices in an easy, genuine, and off-the-cuff way. We enable people to tell stories, express opinions, and exchange ideas in an audio format.

Chirp also makes it easy for people to share the Chirps that they record. Every Chirp generates a unique website link that you can circulate anywhere so anyone can listen. Furthermore, a beautiful audiogram (an audio turned into a video) is automatically created for every Chirp which you can share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. so all your friends and fans can hear and be blown away by it. You can also build a following on Chirp; have friends and fans follow your profile so they will be notified for every short podcast episode you record.

Our team believes that audio is the most engaging content format for various reasons. First, audio allows listeners to form a special, intimate relationship with audio creators. Listeners say that listening to someone on Chirp is like letting them into ‘your home.’ Second, audio allows you to interact with people in a passive way. Audio can be consumed while driving, doing dishes, etc. Whereas text and video requires 100% attention.

So pick up your phone, download Chirp, and start recording. It’s really as easy as it sounds. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say. (Literally)

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